Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde

The Museum voor Wereldkulturen is a fusion of the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam, the Museum for Ethnology in Leiden and the Afrika Museum in Berg en Dal.
The Museum for Ethnology (Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde) has an audio collection and concerning West Papua it had the following audio carriers:

B620_ 1 – B620_ 3

Nederlands Nieuw Guinea I, II, III

A selection of the recordings made by J.C. Anceaux. The selection was made by Ger van Wengen from the original tapes. He made a selection of 121 tracks. Since some of the original tapes have been lost, they contain at least 16 unique tracks.  As J.C. Anceaux made most of his recordings in the Northern coastal region that area is best represented although there are also some but few recordings of the south, the birds head and the central mountains. The collection of J.C. Anceaux is the largest and most diverse collection of music recordings from West Papua during the Dutch period.


B620_ 4

Nederlands Nieuw Guinea IV

A copy of the two tapes of the medical doctor L.M. Veeger who was stationed by the government in Merauke. It has recordings from the Marind Anim and from the Kanum Anim.



Four radio lectures broadcasted by the VPRO by J.W. Pouwer state employed anthropologist in New Guinea of around 1960.


B 620_ 6 and B620_ 7

Two tapes with recordings of the Asmat made by Bert Voorhoeve and on the first tape with spoken explanations by Adriaan Gerbrands



A tape with recordings of the West Dani in Bokondini made by Anton Ploeg in 1960-1962. It goes about songs made under the leadership of a missionary teacher at a time that there was a kind of messianic expectation.



On Side A of this tape is compilation of 12 music fragments made by Van Wengen out of the West Papua tapes of the Museum for Ethnology. On the B side is a school radio programme and a government programme about saving (“de Zilvervloot”) with caribean music.


B620_11 – B620-29

A set of cassettes: 1 Sampari published by Sound Reporters 1986; 2 Van Vogelkop tot Sterrengebergte, VPRO De Wandelende Tak 27-1-1997, and copied of Gerson Kaigere 3 Mambesak I; 4 Mambesak II; 5 Mambesak III; 6 Mambesak IV; 7 Kenangan Arnold C.Ap; 8 Kenangan Arnold C.Ap; 9 Kurana Mambesak Group vol 2; 10 Kurana Mambesak Group vol III; 11 Sandia Group vol 1; 12 Sandia Group vol 2; 13 Apuse Group Biak vol 1; 14 Apuse Group vol 3; 15 Tekad Group Jayapura vol 1; 16 Winggemi Group vol 1; 17 Group Manbefor Irian; 18 Kamasan Group vol 1; 19 Rumgiri Group vol 1. The lyrics of Mambesak are also copied from the booklet Kumpulan Lagu-lagu Rakyat Irian Jaya, Mambesak, uitg Lembaga Antropologi, Universitas Cenderawasih 1980 and the booklet with lyrics and the music in number notation Seruling Iriani, Himpunan lagu lagu rakyat Irian Jaya, Serie 1, Notasi Sam Kapissa BA, Diterbitkan oleh Group “Mambesak” Lembaga Antropologi, Universitas Cende­rawasih 1979, is also copied.


B621_1 – B621-4

A set of cassettes: 1 Yali funeral service and church songs for the murdered preacher Herman Imbab in May 1974; 2 Lagulagu Balim 1990; 3 Lagulagu Rohani Wamena 1992; 4 Lagulagu Rohani Wamena 1992. Cassettes copied from Gerson Kaigere



Cassette with Akokoi music recorded in 1982 in Asei and send to Gerson Kaigere. One of the songs is about Gerson Kaigere as village leader what should also be his hereditary position.



A tape with the beginning of Side A is filled with the LP Music of New Guinea, the second half of the tape has a number of RONG recordings. The Joka choir with the finale from the 9th symphony of Beethoven. The bell song, psalms and Christian songs and a verse of the New Guinea national anthem Hai Tanakuh Papua. Furthermore, a number of various recordings. The flute orchestra of Ifar, followed by 2 recordings from Engros, a recording from Nafri, a recording from the kampong Mariboe, the reconciliation feast in Masoena, a song from Tabla Moessa, one from Tobati, a song with conch and the Wilhelmus by a flute orchestra.


B623-1 – B623-11

A set of cassettes: 1 Wobari Group vol 3; 2 Kuroiri Group vol 1; 4 Kuroiri Group vol 2; 5 Kuroiri Group vol 3; 6 Songger Berok Group seri 1; 7 Ai Mando 81 Group vol 1; 8 Adari Group vol 1; 9 Adari Group vol 1; 10 Lagu Daerah Biak; 11 Yaromba Group vol 2; 12 Arwai Group vol 1. Cassettes copied from Gerson Kaigere



Cassette with radio broadcast Het gebouw 12-6-1992 Willem Visser. VPRO.


B625-2 – B625-7

Six tapes with Asmat recordings of Bert Voorhoeve but named A. Gerbrands. Recorded in 1962. The sound quality is average to low with regular overload and distortion. There are recordings of the inauguration of a jeu, men house, songs Jisu, during a visit, Sisnam pantomime, Pirso.


B625-8 en B625-9

Amanamkai 1 en Amanamkai 2

Two tapes with mouth harp playing recorded by Adriaan Gerbrands 4 and 5 November 1970. Also, the story of Bewörpits and the story of the fotjiew.


B625-10 and B 625-11

Two cassettes of V.G. Nggehum Irian Tirima. Lagu-lagu Daerah Tradisionil Irian Jaya. Cassettes copied from Gerson Kaigere.


Van der Stoep.

A set of 17 tapes and cassettes from Van der Stoep. Who was a protestant missionary in West Papua. The museum has also his pictures.
1 A Songs from the Ndani followed by the sound track of a movie or a slide show about a teachers school in Tiom. Compare with “Door de lucht naar een vergeten volk 1 and 2” of the PKN. 1 B Ndani songs, followed by a short conversation and mouth harp tunes.
2 A language tape in English and probably Ndani.
3 The synod of 1956 in Hollandia. Partly in Ducth and partly in Bahasa.
4 Church service in Joka. Preaching in English, church songs.
5 Recording of a radio broadcast on the independence of the protestant church with speech and church songs.
6 Slide sound show. Compare with “Door de lucht naar een vergeten volk 1 and 2” of the PKN.
7 Classical music
8 empty
9 Preach in English and Papua language
10 Radio recording with Dutch songs, Gershwin, sound track of An American in Paris, Classical music
11 Centenary of the mission in West Papua celebration in Utrecht
12 Baptist Frncis Dixon church service
13 Church service with flute and drum orchestra
14 Spoken words in unknown language.
15 cassette mission Malawi
16 cassette mission Java Bali
18 cassette Egypt-New Guinea. On the B side the sound track of a slide show. Compare with “Door de lucht naar een vergeten volk 1 and 2” of the PKN.