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Henk Woldendorp

Henk Woldendorp was born in Groningen on 27 June 1924 and died in Doetinchem 7 December 2013. He became a Protestant naval chaplain in 1951, then a Protestant missionary in Dutch New Guinea in 1955 where he was stationed in Sorong. There he became the head of the resort of the Birds Head and the Radja Ampat islands. Later he was stationed in Hollandia where he was appointed rector of the Theological School. After his return to the Netherlands when New Guinea had been handed over to the Indonesian government, he became a parish vicar in Dronten in 1964, education vicar in Amsterdam in 1969, parish vicar in Tiel in 1979 and he retired in 1986 and settled in Doetinchem. In the 1970s he was also actively involved in the peace movement.
He wrote a book about Protestant religious views based on the new theology ‘Ground under the feet’, published in 1987 by Kok in Kampen. He also wrote a number of youth stories, with illustrations by Johanna Dalenoord, that were situated in New Guinea, Read more Henk Woldendorp