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Oegstgeest Freerk Kamma

These are the tapes which were formerly kept in the archive of the Mission School in Oegstgeest. In 1999 the school and institute was closed and moved to Utrecht. The archive had already been moved earlier, first temporarily to Leusden and then further to Utrecht, where they became part of the PKN archive. Because of a flooding in the archive of the PKN or because of the move, the original tapes were lost. The same also happened  with the DAT-tapes copies that were made of it, but fortunately the cassette copies survived. They were digitized by PACE before the cassettes were moved together with the rest of the audio archive to the PKN collections in the Utrecht Archives.
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Dit Wonderlijk Werk, Freerk Kamma

For a short biography on Freerk Kamma, see the Freerk Kamma page. On this page are the tapes and cassettes which were copied for the VPRO Urubicha radio broadcast Dit wonderlijk werk of 17-3-2005. They have been redigitized and edited for PACE. The original tapes and cassettes were returned to the relatives of Freerk Kamma.
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Freerk Kamma

Freerk Kamma was born in Wierum on 16 February 1906 and died in Leiden on 24 September 1987. He was a missionary and anthropologist. After his father had a fatal accident, subsequent to primary school he worked as a sailor on a ‘tjalk’ for shell fishing and on a motor vessel for inland shipping while he trained as a skipper at the nautical evening school. Through the  Young Men’s Christian Association, he came into contact with the mission and he decided to become a missionary himself. To be admitted to the Missionary School he had to take an entrance exam. After three months of preparation he passed the exam and was admitted to the Missionary School in Oegstgeest. It was a six-year course that lasted from 1925 to 1931. During that period, he also got to know his future wife, Maria van Dijk. In 1931 he was sent as a missionary teacher to Dutch New Guinea where Genjem-Nimboran became his first station. In 1932 Maria van Dijk also came over and they got married. Manokwari was his second posting and in 1933 he was transferred to Sorong where, as the resort missionary, he was responsible for the western part of the Birds Head region, the Raja Ampat islands and the Ajau archipelago. There he learned to speak the Biak language fluently and also to express himself in the local Papuan languages. ​​He started collecting traditional stories and objects as well.

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